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Who We Are

Chloe E. Pasco
Chloe is an Associate Consultant with MIDIOR. Chloe’s strong visual design skills come into play when clients have the need to take data intensive information and communicate insights clearly and effectively. This same approach and her strong writing skills make her a frequent contributor to MIDIOR’s marketing and content initiatives. Prior to joining MIDIOR, a policy internship in Washington DC convinced Chloe that her interests and skills would be best suited for a career in consulting where she could see her efforts pay off and make a positive impact.

Chloe is a graduate from College of the Holy Cross with a degree in Political Science. When left to her own devices, she is a fierce competitor in ultimate frisbee, likes to discover new mountains and trails to hike on the weekends and is a connoisseur of art at local exhibitions.

Chloe Pasco