Midior Consulting

Insight & Analysis

Through our Insight & Analysis services, we support product and business teams with the customer, competitor and market insights that are the foundation for product (and service) success. Because our consultants are all passionate product people with entrepreneurial mindsets, we are tuned to the data and insights that product teams need to advance their products and services. Our research is always multi-faceted: primary research – whether it be a handful of conversations, multiple in-depth interviews or a vast number of completed electronic surveys – complemented by secondary research aggregated from myriad sources and synthesized to support our clients. If you are seeking outside, objective input to support your product strategies, lock down your requirements, tune your market messages or further define your sales tactics, our team is ready to help.


Translating customers’ perspectives into revenue is not easy. As experienced product developers, product managers and innovators, we can engage in meaningful dialogue with customers. We examine challenges through their lens so that you can walk in enough of their shoes to say you have insight. Whether you need a handful of meaningful conversations, a series of in-depth interviews, a larger electronic study or a complete Voice of the Customer (VOC) assessment, our research yields actionable customer insights.

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Plotting the path for your product or service demands you have your finger on the pulse of the competitive landscape. Excellent competitive analysis is a critical input to decisions about market strategy and product priorities. Our consultants will assess your competition, evaluate their products and services and project their likely paths. Whether you need insight to drive competitive strategy, hypotheses about where future competitive entrants will emerge or input to decisions about features and functions, we deliver actionable insights.

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The foundation for any product plan or believable financial projection starts with a solid understanding of the market and opportunity for a product or service. While market analysis by its very nature is “quant-heavy,” our consultants produce actionable and easy to understand results tuned for product and service teams. Whether you need a market defined and segmented or an opportunity analyzed, our market analyses will help you drive a steady stream of products and services and achieve your revenue targets.

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