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MIDIOR Consulting Introduces Associate Program for New Consultants

Cambridge, MA - - September 23, 2015 – Today, MIDIOR Consulting announced the introduction of its three-year Associate Program for career and skills development for new consultants. The program offers new Associates a defined career path with a clear set of outcomes and a continuous feedback loop as they progress through the levels of mastering skills and capabilities to become fully fledged management consultants.

Unlike training programs in larger firms, the MIDIOR Associate program puts new hires into the field in the first year, working hand-in-hand with Senior Partners on client assignments. In addition to mastering core consulting skills around requirements, analytics, visualization and data, the Associates are measured on quality of deliverables, presentation skills, ambassadorship for the firm and the extension of their work to philanthropic projects. In the second and third year of the program, mentoring skills are developed as the more senior Associates coach new hires joining the program.

According to Susan Loconto Penta, Co-founder and Managing Partner at MIDIOR, “We hire for the innate attributes – energy, enthusiasm, integrity, intelligence - and believe the consulting skills and domain knowledge can be taught. MIDIOR makes a serious investment in our associate consultants, offering a structured, career advancement path that puts new hires on assignments quickly while offering a structured, three-year skills development plan.”

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MIDIOR is a management consulting and technology services firm that is changing the way our clients think about products, innovation, technology and data. In our management consulting practice we work hand-in-hand with product teams to help them improve their track record in innovation, product development and product management. In our technology services practice we work with business and IT teams to help them navigate the path towards modernizing platforms, implementing new systems and leveraging their data. To learn more, visit www.midior.com.

Media Contact: Nora Gildea