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MIDIOR Consulting Gains National Recognition: Local Business Named to Top 100 Small Business List in Massachusetts

Cambridge, MA – January 21, 2008 – In recognition of the economic power of multicultural businesses, DiversityBusiness.com, the nations’ leading multicultural internet site, recently named MIDIOR Consulting as one of the top 100 businesses in Massachusetts.

The Div100 is the 8th annual listing of the Massachusetts’s top 100 small businesses. The companies listed on the Div100 represent the Nation’s top multicultural earners and challenge the long-held notion that a small business is small or insignificant. Div100 members are sought after by major corporations wishing to increase spending with small and diversity owned companies. MIDIOR is a product development and management consulting firm that helps clients build an organization and process that consistently produces a pipeline of commercially successful products and services. MIDIOR consultants take a hands-on approach to working with clients, focusing on complex technologies and emerging markets in a range of industries including financial services, industrial products, computers, software and communications.

The Impact of Small Business
Affected by recent economic and demographic trends and changes, Fortune 1000 corporations throughout the country have recognized that buying products and services from small and diversity owned companies can positively impact their businesses. Small businesses contribute over $1.4 trillion in sales to the U.S. economy. “Small businesses and consumers are a growing force in the U.S. economy, and a force to be reckoned with,” said Kenton Clarke, CEO of Computer Consulting Associates International, the company that built DiversityBusiness.com. This is a whole business segment that can carry its own, that provides jobs, products and services, and generates wealth for their communities. These are the new leaders in American business.

The Div100
The Div100 is a classification that represents the top 100 small businesses in the state of Massachusetts, in sectors such as technology, manufacturing, food service and professional services. Large organizational buyers throughout the country that do business with multicultural and women-owned businesses use the list. The Div100 is produced annually by DiversityBusiness.com, the nation's leading multicultural B2B Internet portal that links large organizational buyers to multicultural product and service suppliers. MIDIOR will be honored at a special awards ceremony at DiversityBusiness.com’s “8th Annual Multicultural Business Conference”, taking place April 23 - 25, 2008 at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort in Orlando, Florida

About MIDIOR Consulting
MIDIOR is a management consulting firm focused on the discipline of product development and management, helping clients better understand their customers’ needs, seize new opportunities and respond to changing markets. MIDIOR's proven leadership in product, platform and information management inspires organizations to challenge conventional thinking and develop the skills necessary to build a sustainable pipeline of successful new products and services. For more information visit www.midior.com.

About DiversityBusiness.com
Launched in 1999, with over 35,000 members DiversityBusiness.com is the largest organization of diversity-owned businesses throughout the United States that provide goods and services to Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies and colleges and universities. Members use the sites technology to find and track new business opportunities. It also produces the country’s largest conference on diversity education and training for major corporations and small business. Its research on top businesses appears in Fortune, Forbes, Business Week and numerous magazines and media publications. For more information visit DiversityBusiness.com.