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MIDIOR Consulting Wraps Up Year of Support for Nonprofits and New Ventures

Cambridge, MA - - December 21, 2015 – During the course of 2015, the MIDIOR Consulting team provided philanthropic support and hours of pro bono consulting to help Boston area nonprofits and new ventures improve their operations. The organizations that MIDIOR has supported this year include: Schools for Children Dearborn Academy, Seaport Academy, The Lesley Ellis School), the Possible Project, The Center for Women and Enterprise, the Eco-Action Program at Cambridge Rindge & Latin School, Yellow Arrows and The Third Piece.

MIDIOR’s pro bono work is grounded in the belief that nonprofits can have greater impact by adopting a disciplined approach to leveraging technology and introducing new services. The team applies the same proven frameworks and methodologies developed for private sector clients to help human services agencies, educators and other philanthropic groups improve their success and effectiveness, reduce cost and achieve better leverage of their human capital.

According to Susan Loconto Penta, Co-founder and Managing Partner at MIDIOR, “The intersection of education and disadvantaged populations has always been an area that I feel strongly about. In addition, as entrepreneurs ourselves, helping new ventures get off the ground in those early stages when funding is limited, is a place where we can help make a difference. ”

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Media Contact: Nora Gildea