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MIDIOR Consulting Debuts
“The Product Line”

Cambridge, MA – April 1, 2009 – Today, MIDIOR Consulting introduced a new blog named The Product Line, offering a compendium of real-world examples of great products and those that are not, product management and development tips from the trenches and witty observations about current events as they relate to products and services.

In more than a decade of direct experience helping clients work through tough product management challenges, MIDIOR has developed a keen sense for what makes a product organization successful. “In our work with clients, we often run into ‘teachable moments,’ those everyday examples of things done well or those that fall short of the goal. The Product Line blog presents the opportunity to share our experiences with great and not-so-great products and all of the thinking that made them that way”, said Michael Goldberger, Co-Founder and Partner of MIDIOR.

Initial posts in The Product Line consider topics, such as:

  • Which NFL coaches have the best product development strategies.
  • Whether there is an immutable law that software must get worse over time.
  • Why weather forecasters are getting it right.
  • Why Starbucks and Coca Cola mess with succes.
To enjoy the MIDIOR team at its best, visit The Product Line at blog.midior.com.

About MIDIOR Consulting
MIDIOR is a management consulting firm focused on the discipline of product development and management, helping clients better understand their customers’ needs, seize new opportunities and respond to changing markets. MIDIOR's proven leadership in product, platform and information management inspires organizations to challenge conventional thinking and develop the skills necessary to build a sustainable pipeline of successful new products and services. For more information visit www.midior.com.