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MIDIOR Consulting Introduces
the Stages of Innovation™ Blog

Cambridge, MA - - June 25, 2015 – Today, MIDIOR Consulting announced the introduction of its new blog, Stages of Innovation. Although much has been written about innovation, particularly as it relates to disruption of industries and markets, MIDIOR’s blog puts the spotlight on tactical innovation. In contrast with strategic innovation that is typically driven at the enterprise level, tactical innovation is managed by product teams in the business units in support of a defined mission that shows demonstrable results in a time horizon of months not years.

According to Robert Goldberg, Partner at MIDIOR, “We believe that innovation comes in many shapes and sizes from platform to process, new business models to distribution channels. When we are asked by our clients to help improve their innovation track record, we often look to opportunities for new products and services that will keep the revenue line growing and deliver results that will help fill gaps in this year’s fiscal plan.”

Among the topics that the blog will focus on are posts about where to find innovation, managing innovation teams, identifying market opportunities, selecting the right ideas to bring to market, and product management as it relates to innovation. The blog is authored by MIDIOR consultants who work on tactical innovation initiatives with clients across a broad range of industries including financial services, manufacturing, technology and nonprofit.

The new blog can be viewed at: www.StagesofInnovation.com

About MIDIOR Consulting
MIDIOR is a management consulting and technology services firm that is changing the way our clients think about products, technology and data. In our management consulting practice we work hand-in-hand with product teams to help them improve their track record in innovation, product development and product management. In our technology services practice we work with business and IT teams to help them navigate the path towards modernizing platforms, implementing new systems and leveraging their data. To learn more, visit www.midior.com.

Media Contact: Nora Gildea