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Metadata Management

If metadata is the “design documentation” of information products, it may also be the most important, proprietary asset of a firm that makes information products. We find that for many organizations, metadata management gets buried at the bottom of the list. Often, important components of metadata are only informally maintained (if at all), and the real understanding of how things work walks out the door every night.

Systems Thinking

People often think of systems engineering and architecture as purely abstract concepts that are only relevant to the most technical issues. But in fact, this is the point where technology planning should intersect with other planning efforts such as business plans, product roadmaps, deployment strategies and support.

Information Engineering

At MIDIOR, we approach data flows of complex information systems using systems engineering concepts. We help our clients define system inputs and outputs including dimensions of quality, speed and scale. These specifications and models are then available to identify bottlenecks, and address risks and opportunities for reducing costs while improving quality and productivity.

EEIOU: A Recipe for Choosing the Right People

Finding great product people is hard, probably because they are rare. We have found that instead of focusing on pedigree, certifications, prior job titles, or experience a better approach is to focus on personal attributes and entrepreneurial inclinations.

Are Your Product Managers Doing The Right Thing?

Successful product managers have a common list of attributes that apply across industries and market sectors. Look for Energy, Enthusiasm, Intelligence, Organization fit and Understanding of the domain when you hire. You’ll find these qualities matter more than industry expertise or years of experience.

Staff Picks

In this section you will find MIDIOR’s picks for reading and viewing that give us the facts, inspire our day and make us smile. If you have your favorites, send them to info@midior.com and we will add them to the list.