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Product Requirements

Why is it so hard to generate accurate product requirements? If you are getting started with documenting requirements for a new product, or it’s time to plan a new release for an ongoing product initiative, then MIDIOR Consulting’s One-Day Requirements Workshop will build your team’s knowledge and skills to support success.

Skills for Innovators

Successful innovation is a people challenge, not a process issue or technical puzzle. Designed for product development teams, IT managers and technical staff, this workshop teaches participants how to become successful innovation champions in their organizations, mobilize the support and resources for their product initiative and develop a roadmap to translate innovation into commercial success.


Webinar: Product-Market Advisor

A framework for assessing individual products or entire product lines by measuring competitiveness and market penetration. Using this framework, Product Managers answer questions for each target market segment: Is this product with its current capabilities and features competitive in this segment? Has this product achieved its market penetration goals (as measured by market share or other criteria)?


Webinar: Competition in the Age of Disruption

The Competition Cube - MIDIOR's framework for identifying and monitoring competition at the product level. This presentation will change the way think about competition.

Webinar: 2014 Benchmark Study of Product Development and Management Practices

Findings from MIDIOR Consulting’s 2014 Benchmark Research reveals Market Analysis and Customer Insight appear to be on the minds of product executives in large global companies. Among other topics, this research study identifies gaps in priority and competency levels in product management and development activities and highlights key areas for improvement.

Webinar: The Current State of Product Management in Financial Services

Findings from MIDIOR Consulting’s 2009 Benchmark Research reveal how product management drives alignment of IT investment and business performance in large financial services organizations.