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Organizational Mapping

An important exercise in building a top-tier product development and management (PD&M) discipline, is to map the organization model against overall business objectives for the purpose of tuning and optimizing the current organization. Through our work with clients in a range of industries, MIDIOR has developed a mapping process that supports successful commercialization of products and services. Here, we are not talking about an organization chart, but rather a structured mapping process which ensures that product teams are staffed appropriately to meet objectives in terms of numbers of people, appropriate mix of jobs and job functions and inventory of adequate skills.

MIDIOR’s organization mapping process is multi-dimensional and touches every aspect of the product development and management organization and how it fits into the structure of the business. As a starting point for the organization tuning process, our clients must take the time to answer forty-one questions to assess how well their current PD&M organization model is performing. Think of it as a health check-up. These questions will help you understand:

  • Functions, roles, and people
  • Jobs and service levels
  • Skills and resource requirements
  • Careers and compensation
  • Operating model, processes and tools
  • Communication strategy
  • Success metrics and outcomes
  • To see how well your PD&M organization measures up, take a crack at MIDIOR’s forty-one question health check.