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At MIDIOR, we often say that launching a product or service is like hatching an egg. Frequently, however, resources and investment decisions are made to satisfy competing agendas. Projects and products are difficult to abandon, even when more attractive options are available.

ProductScan is a MIDIOR service designed for companies that develop complex, technology-dependent products or services. Highlighting risks and opportunities, ProductScan produces a “snapshot” of your product, zeroing-in on business and market alignment factors and exposing underlying obstacles to success. This process gives managers and the product team an accurate reading of the state of the product or service, with quantified management metrics as well as specific observations and recommendations. This new visibility supports quicker, better-informed decisions about where to focus resources, reducing time to market and the likelihood of commercial success.

ProductScan Benefits
MIDIOR clients find that ProductScan helps them:

  • Take the emotion and departmental agendas out of the product planning process
  • Communicate the status of development projects in business terms (for CEO's, board members)
  • Create a common vision and language so that developers, operations, marketing and sales work together as a killer product management team
  • Prioritize features through an understanding of what is necessary versus what is important
  • Move from concept to product plan with ideas that have the highest potential for success

ProductScan Results
MIDIOR has applied ProductScan to a broad range of technology products and services with actionable results available in just a few weeks. MIDIOR facilitates a three-step process that produces metrics for product investment alignment with business objectives and market readiness, success factor ratings for commercialization, and portfolio risk/reward analysis. Outputs for ProductScan look something like this: