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Skills for Innovators

MIDIOR offers the Skills for Innovators Workshop to help product development teams, IT managers, technical staff and everyone involved in the implementation of new products and services, increase their likelihood of success.

We work with clients to develop new curriculum for in-house training programs and conduct custom workshops for project teams. Public workshops are also available where individuals can learn and interact with peers from other organizations.

The Power of Teams
We believe that product development and management is a team sport and innovative results come from great teams. In fact, our analysis of products and projects shows that the most important factor correlating with new product success has to do with the quality of the team. And great teams have great leaders. But how does an organization develop great teams?

Unfortunately, few conventional academic programs are designed to teach how to effectively champion a product or project. This multi-faceted discipline requires individuals with a combination of passion, personality and domain expertise. And while we believe that experience is the best way to develop those skills, we also know that skills can be enhanced through an understanding of the issues that impact results.

Successful innovation is a people challenge, not a process issue or technical puzzle. It is a constant struggle to get others to accept and value change to the status quo, while maintaining a keen focus on the issues that will drive commercial success.

What You Will Learn
In MIDIOR’s Skills for Innovators Workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Inspire others with your vision of a product or service
  • Effectively communicate product outcomes in business terms
  • Align your efforts with organizational needs and priorities
  • Mobilize resources and rally support among key stakeholders
  • Develop a roadmap to translate innovation into commercial success
  • Become a successful innovation champion

At MIDIOR, we believe that without the skills to execute, innovation is nothing more than a daydream. Our work with clients in building teams assures that they are more likely to succeed because they have the knowledge to anticipate the challenges ahead. Successful teams recognize the obstacles to innovation, are equipped with tactics to overcome those obstacles and have the skills to apply an agile approach to product planning and execution.